Money Back Guarantee

If the residual wall damp, in accordance with the extracts of the ÖNORM B 3355-1 standards and in accordance with the Aquapol Owner’s Manual, is not achieved by the end of the dehydration warranty period or extended warranty period, the full purchase price will be refunded.

Addressing the CAUSE not the symptoms!

Proven Workability

Since 1985 AQUAPOL have dried out over 55 000 buildings, globally, including world heritage buildings, castles, wine cellars, libraries, churches, monasteries, and other important landmark buildings – where it is impossible (impractical, improbable, insane) to do structural work such as drilling or cutting into the structure itself to apply solutions – that have proven themselves unworkable – as the rising damp DOES RETURN, INEVITABLY and never resolves.

Your Peace of Mind - Guaranteed

Guarantee Certificate + Full money back Guarantee if your building (the area designated to be dried out) is not satisfactorily dried out within 3 years.
No questions asked.

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